ABOUT Delisa

Delisa is committed to providing information and support to help people experience abundant energy, a healthy weight, and optimal health.  She offers live classes, online courses, and private and group programs that are changing lives.

Delisa’s clients and students describe her as caring, inspiring, supportive, and deeply committed to helping others succeed in making positive, life-affirming changes.

Delisa has been an RN, a counselor, and a Certified Food for Life Instructor teaching plant-based nutrition & cooking courses. She helped train new Food for Life Instructors and contributed to the creation and design of the Food for Life Course for Diabetes Prevention & Reversal. 

She is a Certified Life Coach and holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. Delisa provides online courses and coaching to people around the world. She has a Certificate in Energy Psychology and is skilled in using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you release limiting beliefs. Delisa has a gift for getting at the core issues that sabotage your success.


Delisa struggled with her own weight and health problems as a young adult and is committed to helping others joyfully return to the naturally slim, healthy self they were born to be.

At 70 years old now, Delisa is slim and healthy, enjoys a very active, vibant life, and wants to help others experience their best possible life. 

Delisa lives with her husband and partner, Charlie, on a small, beautiful lake near Wasilla, Alaska. They share their home with their dog, Heidi, cat, Sabrina, and Alaskan wildlife that varies by the season. Delisa is an avid organic gardener and feels more at home with her hands in the dirt than almost anywhere else.