ACT Boldly
Are you looking for a comprehensive, holistic program to support you?
ACT Boldly will help you leave behind your struggles with food issues.
What is ACT Boldly?

ACT Boldly is a comprehensive program that provides ongoing support for 6 months to help you heal your relationship with food and with your body. 


ACT Boldly helps you change your THINKING so you can change your ACTIONS more easily.

Let go of fear, guilt, and self-loathing.  

Learn to love yourself more and enjoy living in your own skin.

ACT Boldly is a completely different way of thinking, based upon saying YES to your life.

So let’s unpack this a little more. ACT is an acronym:


= Learn to Appreciate your Amazing body!

When we appreciate our amazing bodies, we are coming from a place of love instead of criticism.


When we feel love for our bodies, we WANT to take good care of them.


= Become Conscious of what your body needs and Commit to providing it.

When we want to take good care of our bodies, we will want to learn what foods best support them and then commit to providing this food out of love.

When we consciously appreciate our bodies, instead of being automatically critical of them, we are creating a completely different energy, and a different environment for our bodies.


Unhealthy foods no longer seem attractive because it will feel disrespectful and unworthy of ourselves.

= Trust that your amazing body is designed right. You have a self-healing,  

   self-regulating body!

Trusting our bodies — believing they know how to heal, how much to eat, and they are always doing their best with whatever we provide for them — is life- transforming. 

Then gratefully accept the Transformation of your life as you choose to ACT.

ACT Boldly helps you let go of old, dysfunctional ways of thinking and replace it with empowering thoughts.

It changes how we think about ourselves.

It changes how we think about food.

And when we change how we think, we change how we feel — which changes how we act.


We then joyfully incorporate healthy eating, healthy thinking, healthy living into our lives.

And as we change how we live, our amazing, self-healing bodies respond, and the result is our weight begins to normalize and we begin to return to health.


The ACT Boldly system brings much more joy into our lives as we live from a place of wonder and gratitude.

What is included in the  6-month ACT Boldly Program?
  • Lifetime access to my online Nutrition & Cooking Course

  • Weekly ACT Boldly videos for 23 weeks that address your body, mind and spirit

  • Weekly Zoom sessions, providing access to me and group support with others in the program

  • Training in handling stress using EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and HeartMath breathing

This  is a one-of-a-kind program that includes all the nutritional information you need to make the healthiest food choices, cooking videos to show you how to prepare the food, AND 6 months of emotional, spiritual, and social support to help you change your old thinking and  say YES to your life in a big way!

About Delisa

Delisa's  varied background provides the best possible combination of skills to help you lose weight healthfully and permanently, without dieting, so you can say YES! to your life in a big way.

Delisa has been an RN, a counselor, and a Certified Food for Life Instructor teaching plant-based nutrition & cooking courses. She is a Certified Life Coach and holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at Cornell University. She has a Certificate in Energy Psychology and is skilled in using (EFT) Emotional Freedom Techniques. Delisa has a gift for getting at the core issues that block people from achieving their potential.

Delisa struggled with her own weight and health problems as a young adult and is committed to helping others joyfully return to the naturally slim, healthy self they were born to be.

At 70 years old now, Delisa is slim and healthy, enjoys a very active, vibant life, and wants to help others experience their best possible life. 

To Learn More

Since this is a very comprehensive program, and I will be working with you weekly in the group meetings, it is important to me that only people who are serious about changing their lives join the program. This is a big investment on my part as well as yours.


So to determine if this is a good fit for both of us, I have an application process. First I ask that you fill out this questionnaire. Then I will schedule a call with you. After that, I will direct you to the registration page if it feels like a good fit.