The Barefoot Gardener in the Kitchen COOKBOOK

A little love for Delisa's cookbook

Lisa Conner

Best plant-based recipes on the planet. I’ve taken her classes and I’m proud to say Delisa Renideo works her magic in the garden, in the kitchen and in your heart.

Sharon Shively

It is a great cookbook I have really enjoyed the recipes so far, Written well with a lot of good information. 

Tara Miller

We have made many recipes from the book so far & we love it! The art work & the design are really neat too. 

Linda Ewers

I love your cookbook.  Have purchased three so far.

Just few words about some features that some people like about the cookbook.
A few of the great features of  
​The Barefoot Gardener in the Kitchen Cookbook
Spiral binding so the book will lie flat on your kitchen counter.
Recipes use whole, unprocessed plant foods to support optimal health and weight.
No sugar or oil used in Delisa's recipes. She shows how to use whole foods as sweeteners.
Tasty and healthy recipes you'll be happy to feed your guests.
Simple do-it-yourself recipes to replace meat and dairy for times you want something like this.
132 recipes separated into 10 chapters so you can find that perfect recipe for your meal.
Full color photos of the recipes
Notice how the spiral binding allows the cookbook
to lie perfectly flat!
An introduction to the nutrition of eating a healthy, plant-based diet.
Description of  tools and techniques helpful in food preparation.
Helpful information about plant-based foods and ingredients are scattered throughout the book.
A full index to help find your next delicious meal or tasty recipe.

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