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Einstein’s Technique for Getting

Slim & Healthy

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." 

- Albert Einstein


is that we love the foods that are making us overweight and sick!

It would be easy to be slim and healthy if we just loved healthy foods!

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you already KNOW what to eat to be healthy — but the thought of it feels like deprivation?

  • Do you think you just need more self-discipline to stick with a healthy diet?  (But you don’t have it?)

  • Have you taken one of my nutrition and cooking classes — and liked the food and even lost weight and felt better — and STILL slid back into old patterns?

  • Do you feel like you have to make a choice between enjoying your food — and being slim & healthy?

  • Have you tried to lose weight, again and again — and then gave up in despair?

  • Or have you actually LOST lots of weight in the past (perhaps more than once) and gained it all back?


It's not because you're lazy.

It's not because you have no self-discipline.

It's not because it's too complicated.



 — it’s almost always because of the WAY YOU THINK!

Unless we can identify our problem thinking, and find a way to change it, we are stuck with repeating our old habits

. . . The ones that created our health and weight problems in the first place!


So . . . in this Master Class you’ll learn to identify:

  • Thoughts about food that cause us problems

  • Thoughts about our bodies that keep us miserable

  • Cultural messages that encourage us to eat unhealthfully

  • Cultural messages that make it normal to be overweight and sick

  • How to change the thoughts that are causing us problems so we can adopt new ways of thinking that will support us in creating a healthy, happy life

When you change your thinking, it gets easier!

And life gets really FUN!

This is me, Delisa, and my sweet doggy Heidi, just a couple of weeks ago.

Click on my feet to watch us having fun sliding down the hill. Click again to stop the video.

After changing our thinking, it’s EASY to love eating healthy food. It’s easy to maintain healthy habits. And the result is we get to enjoy life immensely — in a slim, healthy body.

In this master class I’ll be sharing my own story — how I changed my thinking, and changed my life — how I went from fighting with my body to loving my body — how I went from chronic illness to health and vitality.
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