Ice, Frost & Flowers
Below O˚F  temperatures means
Frosted Trees

There is nothing like frosted trees against a  deep blue northern sky!

Frost fringed black spruce trees.

My niece calls these Dr. Seuss trees,

an apt description of their unique shapes.

Fog and below O˚F temperatures

equals double frosted trees!

Minus 10-15˚F  temperatures, bare lake ice,
a sprinkle of fairy dust,
Frost Flowers!

November 1, 2020

​I've only seen this unique phenomenon  on our lake twice in the 23 years I lived in Alaska.

It was an amazing site to see the whole lake covered in these delicate frost flowers with "petals" shaped like bird feathers.

​I heard the wind blowing in the night and by the next morning the ice was wiped clean of these wonderous fairy dust creations.

New ice on the lake forms really interesting patterns.


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