Why Should We Bother, (Seriously)

Updated: Feb 9

I ask my students on the first day of class, “Why are you here? Why are you taking this class?”

The name of the course is The Yes To Life Solution to get Slim & Healthy.

So as you would expect, most students say something like, “I’d like to lose a few pounds.” or “I have high cholesterol and want to get my numbers down.”

Sounds logical, right?

Logical — but not very powerful in motivating a person to change something as ingrained as the way they eat! 

What does health mean, anyway? Is it about getting a good report card at your annual physical? Or is there more to it than that?

Do we want our obituary to say, “Her cholesterol was perfect, her blood pressure was good, and she could still get into her wedding dress!”

Well, if that’s not what we are working toward, what DO we want?  Why should we bother to change the habits of a lifetime in order to get slim & healthy?

A simple question can help us discover what we REALLY want.

The question? ? ? "WHY?"

So let’s try it:

Why do you want to lower your cholesterol?  

Because I don’t want to have heart disease.

Why don’t you want to have heart disease?

Because I”m afraid I won’t be able to be active, and might die young.

Why don’t you want to lose the ability to be active?