My Magical Summer Feast

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I LOVE summer!

I LOVE my garden!

I LOVE my King Kale and Cabbage for breakfast!

Yes, it’s that time again. After gratefully buying fresh vegetables at our local stores during the winter and spring, now our garden is the place we go to get the freshest vegetables on earth!

My garden started in March and April when I planted tiny little seeds (both flowers and vegetables) in little pots in my house. After a few days, little green shoots appeared, reaching for the light. After a few weeks, these tiny seedlings became recognizable little flower and vegetable plants. Amazing!  

I nurtured my babies every day, providing water, light and plant food in the form of “kelp tea” to support their growth. I also gave them lots of love and admiration (and I could tell they liked it!)

Some of them made a transitional stop in my greenhouse for a couple of weeks before going out to live outside in the garden.  

Once in the garden, I still provided“my babies” lots of love and attention, but the microbes in the soil began to play a big part in their development.  The microbes bring nutrients and water to their roots from far and wide, making a garden a real community activity.

I’ve discovered that gardening is not only a science and an art — it is also magical, mysterious and spiritual. All the information needed to make a kale plant is inside that little seed. But that seed doesn’t grow into a plant until the conditions are right. The job of a gardener is to create the right conditions for the little seed to take the big step out into the world to fulfill its potential.

We can explain how deep to plant a seed and how much light they need, but we can’t really begin to explain how the life force is stored in that little seed and then suddenly becomes active. 

How can we understand how a plant can turn sunlight and water into leaves and flowers?

I’ve said I provide love and admiration to these plants that I nurture. But perhaps more appropriately I feel awe at their magnificence. I feel humbled by the opportunity to be a part of the garden itself, by the small part I play in the ultimate result of these plants becoming the big, beautiful beings they are. And each of these plants can then go on to produce huge multitudes of seeds which can each repeat the magic of staying dormant until the conditions are right to burst into action.

The magic continues for me now when I go out into my garden and pick the vegetables which then provide our food.  This morning I picked 3 varieties of kale and collards which I chopped up and steamed with some red cabbage for our morning feast. I feel like the richest person on earth, living in the Garden of Eden, when I can pick and eat this abundance of delicious plants that grow like magic in our garden.

When I consume these plants, I’m eating the energy of the sun. I’m eating the collaboration of the trillions of microbes in the soil. And I’m eating the wisdom of the Universe, which knows how to store life in the tiny seed which became the plant.

I finished my breakfast feast 3 hours ago. 

Now those plants are part of me. 

They  have become human cells. 

They have become part of the gardener, who is about to go out to walk with bare feet in this magical place called a garden.

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