What Kind of Future Do You Want?

"Make your decisions based on what you want your FUTURE to be — not on your PAST — or you’ll keep repeating it!"

What is your life like now? Do you want it to stay this way? If so, you’re in the minority!

Did you know that according to the World Health Organization,

Americans rank 40th in the world for Healthy Life Expectancy?

That’s pretty shocking for the wealthiest country in the world.

But numbers don’t tell the story of the misery experienced by so many people who are suffering from carrying excess weight and living with chronic diseases that make life just plain hard.

Almost 3/4 of Americans are now overweight or obese. And we know it’s related to the food! But I doubt that even one of them consciously CHOSE to get that way.

Instead, we tend to go along in our lives, making our choices based on habit, past programming, marketing, and social norms — without realizing that each choice is creating our future life.

Eventually, our misery catches up with us and we may ask ourselves, “How did this happen?

What can I do about it?” Feeling overwhelmed, and trying various solutions, we can feel hopeless and depressed.

Having been there myself, I have great compassion for the multitudes who are still in this place.

So I’d like to share some ideas to empower you to begin creating the life you would really love to experience.

The fact is, most of us don’t think very much about the most important decisions in our lives — the ones that are creating our level of health and happiness. In fact, we don’t even consider them decisions most of the time.

What kinds of decisions are these?

  • The kind of foods we eat

  • How we spend our time

  • With whom we spend our time

This list could be much longer if I added in the details, but let’s just look at some of them.

The Foods we eat:

Most people choose food based on what they like, and they like the foods they are used to eating! We didn’t originally choose these foods. They were provided for us by parents and other caregivers. They are influenced by our culture and traditions. And of course, they are also affected by advertising and social norms.

The foods we have been eating have led to the size and health of the bodies we now have. And since the huge majority of Americans are now overweight and have chronic health problems, it’s obvious that we are eating the wrong foods.

So if you want a different body in the future, you’ll have to choose different foods than you did in the past.

As I write this, I’m thinking “This is SO obvious that it’s silly to be writing a blog post about it!” And yet . . . when it comes to buying food at the grocery store or ordering from a menu, VERY FEW people think about this obvious connection. Instead, we make the same choices we’ve made in the past. The choices that got us to where we are now.

Now let’s look at How We Spend Our Time.

Our bodies are made to move!

And yet we spend most of our time sitting down. We work sitting in front of computer screens. We relax in front of the TV. Some of us add some exercise into our days, and yet, the greatest part of most people’s days are spent moving very little.

How can we change this?

First, just remembering that we are made to move and that our bodies work MUCH better if we move throughout the day can help us see opportunities to move.

Instead of relaxing in front of the TV, we can put some lively music on and dance around the house. We can take stairs instead of elevators. We can take a walk with a friend instead of having lunch with a friend. We can set a timer to remind us to stand up during our work day and move around. Stretching, bending, twisting all help keep us flexible and lubricated!

With Whom Do we Spend our Time?

We tend to become more like those we spend time with. So let’s be very conscious of this and choose our friends wisely. Hanging out with people who have qualities we admire and aspire to helps us to become more like them. Our weight is influenced more by our friends than it is by our parents!

So think about what you want your future to be like.

How would you like it to be different from your present situation?

Can you recognize the choices that have brought you to this present situation?

And can you see what choices you can make that will begin to move you toward the future you want for yourself?

Can you recognize people you know who have the qualities you would like to have more of? -- Who eat the way and spend their time the way you’d like to do?

We are creating our lives in every moment of our days . . . with every bite of food we put in our mouths . . . with how we move or don’t move . . .with every walk we take . . . with every book we read and show we watch . . .with every conversation we have.

Each tiny choice is adding up to the experience in this moment, and is contributing to the future we are moving toward.

So . . make your decisions based on what you want your FUTURE to be — not your past — our you will keep repeating it.

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