Class Registration

Not charging a fee for my classes sounds crazy, doesn’t it?
(And no, I’m not independently wealthy!)

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I offer this page to help you understand why I’m doing this and how it actually works. For a more complete explanation, read my blog post “My Birthday Gift.”

So . . WHY am I doing this?


  • I want more people to end their struggle to lose weight.

  • I want to help MORE people reverse their health problems.

  • I want to help more people love eating healthy food.

  • I want to help YOU have a happier, healthier life

  • And I don’t want anyone to be left out because of money.

My biggest concern about this system is that in our society, we have been taught to value things more if we have to pay more for them. “You get what you pay for.”

I don’t want anyone to get less from my programs just because they may have paid nothing — or little — for them.

I will give my best to everyone, regardless of what they choose to give.
I regard my offerings as valuable beyond price, and my time as precious.
Your life is precious too, which is why I want to help you live it more fully and healthfully!

So, when thinking how much to contribute for this class, I recommend you consider the following:


  • How much do I value getting slim and healthy?

  • What do my budget and circumstances allow?

  • How much do I need to pay to take this program seriously?

  • What might I pay for something comparable to this program?

  • Would I like to contribute enough to help support those who can’t afford to contribute?

When you fill out the registration form, you will have an opportunity to choose any amount you want to contribute — including zero.

You can change this amount at any time, either up or down. You may discover you are getting more value from the class than you anticipated — or you may be disappointed in what you are getting. You’ll see a tab in the membership area where you can adjust your contribution.

You will need my cookbook for the class. If you don't already have it click the "Cookbook" button to purchase it.