You're invited!

Sunday, June 5, 2022
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Limited to 8 people

At Lakeside Gardens in Wasilla
(My Home)

$100 (includes lunch)

How much protein do we need and where do we get it?

So what is this garden retreat?

Well, it’s not a class on how to garden. . .


In fact, it’s not really a class at all — although you’ll definitely learn a lot.


This is a retreat — an experience that will nourish ALL parts of you: body, mind, and spirit.


We’ll meet outside, soaking in the beauty of the garden and lake, hearing the loons calling and robins warbling.


We’ll take off our shoes and feel the energy of the earth through the soft grass.


We’ll discover more ways that we are connected to the earth and all beings who share this beautiful home with us.


We’ll also discover ways to reconnect with parts of ourselves we may have lost track of.


We’ll take time to play — a much needed and often overlooked part of life.

We’ll laugh, we’ll sing, we’ll meditate.  

We’ll get still, we’ll move, we’ll say YES to LIFE!


We’ll share a delicious vegan lunch.


We’ll even have time for a paddle around the lake. We have 2 kayaks and a canoe.

Or you may prefer to sit on the dock with your feet in the water.

Or perhaps lie in the grass and watch the clouds.

This special day will feed your body, mind, and spirit.

I hope you'll join us!

Only a few spots left, so register now!

Garden Retreat