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Your Turning Point video
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Winter solstice is a turning point - from the darkest day of the year to the return of light. YOU can make this a turning point in your own life! Make 2021 a better year, where you get healthier, slimmer, have more energy, feel younger instead of older, and have great fun eating the healthiest foods on the planet. Learn how and have fun by joining my class.

 Get Slim & Healthy

Nutrition & Cooking course

No one enjoys being overweight or sick. But how can we turn that around?


The good news is we are designed to be slim and healthy!  And when we provide our bodies with what they need, they respond amazingly fast!


So what do they need?

Research shows us that a whole-food, plant-based


diet provides optimal nutrition while being naturally low in calories, helping our bodies to heal and to move toward a healthy weight.


This is the recipe you need for great health and a slimmer body.


I teach nutrition and cooking classes and I've published a cookbook with 132 delicious recipes to help you on your journey.

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Yes To Life Coaching

If you know what you need to do, but for some reason you are not doing it, there is something blocking you.


If you’re turning to food or other compulsions to distract you or soothe your stress or emotional pain, your problems never get resolved — in fact they get worse.

Delisa is certified in Energy Psychology and is a certified life coach. She can help you identify and release self-defeating beliefs, blocks and old baggage. You will learn healthy ways to deal with stress, allowing yourself to move forward with a healthy lifestyle rather than self-medicating with food or other substances or behaviors.

Delisa is committed to providing information and support to help people experience a happier, healthier lifestyle.  She offers live classes, online courses, and private and group programs that are changing lives.

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